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Spectrum Photo Solution, is a Malaysia –based company mainly engaged in the provision of imaging souvenir , information and documents solutions. The company operates in few business segments. The imaging solution segment offers indoor and outdoor photography, services for instant printing. The information solution segment offers graphic system machinery, front panel display material, shirt, mugs and many more optional.

Photos are considered to be the best representation of great memories in life. It becomes an outlet if we want to remember certain event in our life. Through photos, we are able to bring back the memories of the past. That’s how photos are essential part in a person’s life. Because of its great importance, photos must be something worth to be treasured.


Spectrum Photo Solution is known to be the leading provider of imaging services and souvenir gifts wherein they operate as imaging Solution Company. We are providing quality solutions intended for our customers to have the chance of experiencing image system with high performance, retail, technical and operational expertise. All our services are offered in scalable and flexible design making it a perfect response to your needs. We also give assurance that you can avoid hassle about managing photo issues for any activity at any venue of your choice. Likewise, we are very much willing to help you focus on creating awesome photo solutions.


We understand that you are too dedicated to provide your guests with unforgettable memories thus; we are also committed to render you a chance to make those unforgettable memories be remembered always by creating genuine and unique photos that can be kept and last for years. These photos will surely be included on our services giving them the chance to cherish the moments for a lifetime.


Wherever the venue may be, in hotel, theme park, resort, monument and a lot more selection of entertainment venue, we commit to provide a complete and excellent imaging solution in digital wherein the experiences of your guests as well as the venue s documented properly. In general, while guests are enjoying the event and the venue, we assure you that you will also enjoy our services.


We also guarantee that our company will be the leading one in the years. In Spectrum Photo Solution, we are offering services with excellence and expertise. With these excellent and expert services, images or photos issues can actually be addressed creatively. Imagine images having the touch of creativity and souvenirs that can have a long lasting effect. Only the best result is what Spectrum Photo Solution is going to offer and provide.


If you are looking for imaging solutions, Spectrum Photo Solution is always available and willing to be at your service. You can reach us through our contact details and rest assured that we will work together regarding your issues and problems about images, photos and souvenirs. Spectrum Photo Solution will be the best partner that you can ever have that will surely go beyond your expectations.

The People

As you are partner, Spectrum Photo Solution, Put together a dedicated team at your service. We will plan and implement the entire site operations, plus manage it for you in a positive and professional manner.

We believe in hiring and honing local talent, as well as encourage diversity at the workplace. Currently, we have a young, multicultural team of that growing in number and skills day after day.


The management and the team are regularly updated to ensure the souvenir operations integrated well with the venue operations, and serve with an approach to make your guest comfortable and their visit a memorable one.