About Us

Provides comprehensive imaging solution and customer service

Spectrum Photo Solution is considered to be the leading provider of imaging solutions regarding photos and images. And as the leading provider, we are happy to share with you everything about us.


We are established in the year 2011, having our company registration number of 1069071M and are named as Spectrum Photo Solution. We are still continuing to offer our services presently coming years. We have been in the business industry for almost 3 years and our experience in the world of imaging solutions makes us proud because we only offer the best and nothing but the best for our customers. Since we are giving quality services, we are able to rank our company on the top and as the best among our competitors.


Spectrum Photo Solution has vision and values that make us commit with our profession. Almost every staff that is working in the company shares the vision that we are to continue as the leading employee-owned photographic organization that will provide innovative services as well as products in capturing the spirit of this generation and preserve certain memories for the next generation.


This straightforward statement of vision is being embraced by the people of Spectrum Photo Solution. In the company, we assure that we care about the people around us such as our employees, partners, individuals and more importantly our customers. At the same time we are treating these people with respect and with high regards on their duties.


We are also into striving for integrity in every aspect of our business such as the association with other individuals, services and products that we are offering into our customers, financial reporting and promotion. Our company is committed and dedicated to aim for excellence as well as total client’s satisfaction through our performances. We also pledge to carry our duties and responsibilities professionally.


We also have the best team that will serve you at any time you want our services. We have put together the dedicated team and staffs in order to provide services with excellence. Spectrum Photo Solution with the most outstanding and professional teams are following logical and systematic process in achieving the best result for services.


Our company is responsible for planning and implementing the whole site operations and in addition we will be the one to manage it positively and professionally. Spectrum Photo Solution also believes in hiring and developing talents of local individuals at the same time we are encouraging individual differences in our workplace. At present, we have the younger generation of multicultural team that are continuously growing in skills and number every single day.


We are updated regularly in order to make sure that the operations are being integrated well together with the venue operations. We are serving through an approach enabling our customers or guests feel comfortable and provide them a memorable visit with us.