Spectrum Photo Solution is not just alone in providing great and high quality products and services. We have our business partners that are supporting us all the way in terms of rendering the best that we can offer. We are privilege to have partners and guests that are continuously putting their trust on us. Because of our merits, business partners and guests never doubts about what the company can do and offer. These merits includes creative and unique solutions for imaging operations that actually meet the expectations and standards of our partners and also creative approaches to the special needs of our guests and partners for us to come up with rapid and unique imaging solutions. We also continue in searching for different opportunities that is almost beyond the objectives of business being agreed upon. There is no doubt that our partners will continue supporting us all the way and they are the following:


Because we have them as our partners, there will be of great assurance that we are able to provide our services at our best. We are able to meet the highest satisfaction for clients as well as great result and performance of services and products. Having these great partners is a great honor and privilege and we are happy and thankful for the unending support and trust they are giving to Spectrum Photo Solution.

Melaka Wonderland Theme Park & Resort
Menara Alor Setar
Bayou Lagoon Park Resort
Butterfly Garden Cameron Highlands
Zoo Johor
Taman Buaya & Rekreasi Melaka
Perlis Snake and Reptile Park
Zoo Melaka & Night Safari
PD Ostrich Show Farm
Mini Malaysia & Asean Cultural Park
Melaka Bird Park
Agro technology Park Mardi Cameron Highlands
Wildlife Theatre Melaka
Penang 3D Trick Art Museum
Dinosaurs Reborn
Aqua World
Belive Langkawi
Magic Art 3D Museum - Bayou Lagoon Park Resort