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Agro technology Park Mardi Cameron Highlands

The District of Cameron Highlands countryside is endowed with inexhaustible historical, nature and human riches, generously revealed to the visitors. Its traditional villages enhance and complement a wonderful natural environment, with their local character, traditional architecture and village planning.


The Mardi Cameron Highlands Stations was first established by the British in 1925. It was then known as the Federal Experimental Station. Tea was fist introduce in the country in 1925 and these early tea bushes are growing healthy at the station until today, the first tea factory build in 1935 is still capable of processing black tea.


The Agro technology Park Mardi Cameron Highlands is located within the station and was officiated by his Royal Highness DYMM the Sultan of Pahang on 14th of June 2003.


The Agrotech Park is only 1km away from the town of Tana Rata and easily reaches by car, taxi, bus or even by foot. Among the major attraction are the English Garden, strawberry production, vegetable and cut flower production, green house research and the sale center.