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Penang 3D Trick Art Museum

Bering the concept of an interactive museum which stimulates the imagination of the inquisitive mind. The Penang Trick Art Museum features impressive 3D Trick Art which breathes into 2D wall, floor and ceiling painting. Penang creates history by becoming the 1st state of Malaysia to introduce this type of Innovative Museum.



As you wander from the ground floor of the museum up to the first, the familier, intresting sights of penang gradually transform into jaw dropping scenes you have so often seen in the movie or imagined from the cleaver world of authors, instant immersing you into the wonderful word of fantasy!


Remember in your childhood days when your day-dream of hopping on a flying magic carpet, soaring through the night sky on a bycycle with E.T, or being terroized and chased by angry egypition mummies and angry tyrannosauruses? Its time to summon those memories from deep recesses of your mind and relive them now in real!All you need is a bit of help from your reliable camera, The ever-obliging museum personnel, clear discriptions accompaning the art work of your imagination.