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Belive Langkawi

It's a world of wonder and fantasy at Belleve Langkawi, Malaysia's first 5D interactive museum! With an exciting one-of-a-kind concept, the museum utilizes multi-dimensional anamorphic art that also tease and tempt your senses of Hearing and Touch.

We offer a myriad of artworks with various themes for your enjoyment. One of our most talked-about masterpieces is a metal sculpture of giant robots, vowing to protect Earth from invaders. Other magnificent artworks include a safari excursion, an Egyptian tomb exploration, and depletions of various fairy tales and folklores. As an expression of our love towards the Jewel of Kedah, we also feature masterpieces that focus on Langkawi such as the legend of Mahsuri and the island's scenic kampung life.

Our artworks are also interactive, so you can touch them, pose with them, and snap photos to share with your family and friends. Be funny, serious, or scared... There's no limit to your imagination!