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Perlis Snake and Reptile Park

Perlis Snake and Reptile Park is the only park of its kind in Malaysia.di snake where there are many species of snake that can be viewed in the exhibit hall closed or in an open space, it provides an opportunity for visitors to get close to these exotic animals up close in the atmosphere nearly equal to their original habitat.


There are approximately - 150 snakes of 34 different species in this park. 25 snake species, nine species of local and overseas. 10 sesies snake park is a kind of venomous and non-venomous remaining. Among the species of snakes found in this park is a python, king cobra, cobra, red-tailed snakes, pit vipers, pythons and snakes buffalo ribs katam including katam cane and umbrella katam sertapunit.


Is the most venomous cobra spray. The heaviest snakes are pythons tightly as 80kg and 23 foot lengths. Visitors can also see the porcupines, beavers, wild monitor lizards including seekok two-tailed, horned frogs, ijok, iguanas and turtles.