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Arnab Village


Arnab Village is the first rabbit park opened in Sabah, Malaysia. It started with just two rabbits and has bred until its CEO Mr. Jubair made a cage for the rabbit placement. As entrepreneurs who are just starting out, a handful of them do not believe that the idea of a rabbit garden can be realized. In fact it was turned down when he entered a business idea contest.

With a burning passion to prove to them that this idea is capable of becoming an ecotourism park, He decided to open this rabbit park. Initially, this Arnab Village was known as Arnab Hijau through rebranding, he eventually changed the name of Arnab Hijau to Arnab Village. Now Arnab Village is known by the public and even known in Indonesia and Cambodia. Arnab Village has over 500 rabbits and has a wide variety of breeds. This rabbit garden is a perfect place for the whole family.

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