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Perlis Snake and Reptile Park


Perlis Snake and Reptile Park is the only snake park of its kind in Malaysia. There are various species of snakes that can be seen in the indoor exhibition as well as in the open space, it gives visitors the opportunity to get closer to this exotic animal in an atmosphere that is almost the same as its original habitat.

There are about 150 snakes of 34 species in the park. 25 species of local snakes and Nine species from abroad. 10 species of snakes in this park are venomous and the rest are non-venomous. Among the types of snakes found in this park are pythons, cobras, Monocellate Cobra, red-tailed snakes, Mangrove pit viper, Rat snake and Malayan krait or blue krait. The most venomous is the spray spoon cobra. The heaviest snake is a python which weighs 80kg and is 23 feet long.

Visitors can also see hedgehogs, beavers, forest lizards including a two-tailed lizard, Horned Toad-frog, iguana and Riverine turtle.

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