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Rasa Melaka The Musical


The RASA-CITY Series is a cultural window allowing tourists a peel into Malaysian Cultures. "RASA Melaka The Musical" is the very first production of the series, making the ancient city of Malaysia its very first stop. The role Melaka plays in Malaysia Culture and history is undeniably important, considering it is often the very first place for tourists to get to know Malaysia. Being a 600-year-old city, Melaka has been through ups and downs, leaving it a cauldron of various treasured memories, boiling down to the very essence of the nation’s culture and civilization.

This 60-minute musical with beautiful folkloric music will enchant, soothe, and nourish the body and soul of the audience. With the help of high-end audiovisual technology, the actors will lead the audience through a time tunnel back to Melaka 60 years ago. Are delightfully presented as a woven patchwork of sweat, tears and laughter. The musical promises an hour of immense enjoyment, both visually and musically. If you’re thinking about this ancient city (and especially if you’re already here!) don’t forget that we have a date at RASA Melaka.

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