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Sandakan Crocodile


The Sandakan Crocodile Farm is the largest in Malaysia by topping the rest of the crocodile farms with over 3000 reptiles in its captives. The original crocodiles originate for the wild crocodiles which can be found along the Kinabatangan River. The reptiles are breed and farmed mostly for their skins to be made into bags, shoes, belts, wallets and many more.

Other than the chance to have a close-up on these large and scary-looking creatures, the farm has other attractions as well. The farm also has snake and crocodile shows to entertain visitors who come to the farm. There is also a mini zoo with large Amazonian fish and children’s park. This makes the Sandakan Crocodile Farm a pick for families to go during the weekends not only for leisure but also for children to learn more about these reptiles.

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