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Zoo Taiping & Night Safari


Zoo Taiping is special in its own way. It is located in a lovely natural setting in Taiping Lake Gardens close to the foot of the Larut Hill (Maxwell Hill). The beautiful natural setting with streams, lakes and abundance of flora gives the zoo a unique advantage of being able to use nature to its best.

Taman Mergastua Sultan Idris Shah or the Zoo Taiping, which is located at Lake Gardens in Taiping, is the only Zoo in the North of Peninsular Malaysia. Covering an area of 36 acres, the Zoo Taiping has embarked on an expansion programme which includes the building of new “Open Concept” animal enclosures. These enclosures hitch take into consideration the natural habitat of the respective animal, has been favourable received by the public-both for its inherent beauty and thoughtful design.

Zoo Taiping is currently home to more than 140 species of animals totalling-1,200 individuals. These include Tigers. Lions, Elephants, Hippopotamus, Giraffes, Hornbills, Orang Utans and others. Furthermore, attempts to breed these animals have been very successful. This has been the proliferation of such animals like the Malaysia Tiger, Lion, Siamang, Deer, Nilgai Heron and many others.

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